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Danemark - Report de la mise en production


Publié le 06/01/2011



Le Danemark reporte la mise en production de son application EMCS au 28 janvier 2011 et informe les opérateurs économiques du message suivant :



"Denmark has agreed to recover all data generated during this period, thereby allowing other Member States to close movements that originate in Denmark using EMCS. For movements originating in other Member States, Denmark has agreed to configure the CCN/CSI queues to make it possible to store incoming e-ADs. Therefore, traders sending excise goods to Denmark should not need to use fallback procedures.


Denmark has suggested to its consignee traders that they should send a fallback Report of Receipt directly to consignors. This may be of use to consignors commercially, but, since the details have not been validated by the Member State of Destination application, such a document is not valid evidence for closing a movement according to the specifications. DG TAXUD recommends that Member States wait for the validated electronic Report of Receipt to close the movement automatically in EMCS".




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